ScoutGuard GSM Trail Camera

This model is more complex than the standard SG880M or SG550M models and we would only recommend those technically minded to purchase this model in order to be able to make best use of the higher end two way functions. The SG982K can be controlled via a android app (see app download below) or mobile phone (see instructions below). If this functionality is not required then the SG880M or SG550M are a far simpler way to remote monitor wildlife and properties.

The ScoutGuard SG982K-10M is the latest GSM cameras from Scoutguard. The new features include long range black IR, 10 megapixels, two way sound with your mobile phone, GPRS/MMS and laser pointer. We also have upgraded the antennae to a high gain version, which is +3dbm greater than any GSM camera available and can even work indoors. Monitors a remote location and keeps you informed thanks to its integrated cell phone/mobile phone. This wireless camera which is not limited by distance automatically takes photos or videos, then sends pictures or data by MMS, SMS and email via your GSM network anywhere in the world. The SG982K-10M can also function as a standard trail and scouting camera and record to an internal memory card, or both GSM and memory card at the same time. Ultra low power consumption in standby mode provides over 90 days use on a single set of batteries.

Scout guard SG982K-10M + 8GB


Scoutguard SG982K-10M with digital LCD viewer includes high gain antennae +3dm stronger

Its a 2-in-1 trail camera, set up in a remote location to monitor a trail, a holiday home a build - have the pictures sent to you inbox or phone. Or set-up as a standard trail camera and record to a SD card for playback later.


Interesting new features include remote control of the camera by text or phone, 2 way sound via a mobile phone - make game calls, speak through the camera or listen in to hear what animals or intruders are doing!

The camera 10MP resolution and 720p HD Video Black IR, invisible at night Active real-time image retrieval - Ask the camera to take a picture and send it back as MMS Send MMS / GPRS to your cell phone or email Super long detection range: up to 20m with 60 degree beam Built-in 3 "color LCD Sound broadcasting, can be used as "game call" ie the camera plays a sound file. Supports remote controls to activate and deactivate, only in monitoring mode Real-time Transmission of sound, camera call you and you can hear what's happening. Support connecting 433 wireless door sensor, smoke sensor and wireless sound and light alarm device Support multiple languages, Up to 32G SD card, supports SD cycle - overwrite Enhanced extended antenna Waterproof

high gain antennae small

Includes a high gain antennae - the MMS/GPRS will work in remote forests and towns and cities!

Instruction booklet click here (right click and save to your pc) A tool for setting up the SG982K-10M on your pc (right click save to your pc) An android app for the SG982K-10M (right click save to your pc) Day photo: example 1;example 2


  • 10MP image resolution and 720p HD video
  • Black IR, invisible at night
  • Active real time picture retrieval
  • Send MMS/GPRS to your cellphone or E-mail
  • Super long detection range: up to 100ft with 60 degree
  • Built-in 3" color LCD display
  • Sound broadcast, can be use as game call
  • Support remote controllers to arm and disarm
  • Real time sound transmission
  • Two modes: security mode (AC supply) and hunting mode (battery supply)
  • sound and light alarm device
  • Support multi-language
  • Up to 32G SD card, support cycle store
  • Enhanced antenna
  • Water resistant

Setting up MMS on your trail camera.

O2 and Vodafone are the simplest networks to use. They will send a picture to your e-mail or phone, on the camera simply choose send by GSM (MMS). For a PAYG sim you can pick up any standard 2G/3G o2 sim from any store and it will work or for Vodafone order one free online (they arrive next day, choose standard size): (don't buy vodafone sims from a store some of the old sims dont work properly).

If you need to manual input the settings they are:
o2 PAYG:
[MMS Setting]

Vodafone PAYG
[MMS Setting] URL=

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1 Year Warranty on all products