ScoutGuard GSM Trail Camera

The ScoutGuard SG880MK-8M is the latest GSM cameras from Scoutguard. The new features include long range black IR, 8 megapixels, sound recording, GPRS/MMS and laser pointer. We also have upgraded the antennae to a high gain version, which is +3dbm greater than any GSM camera available and can even work indoors. Monitors a remote location and keeps you informed thanks to its integrated cell phone/mobile phone. This wireless camera which is not limited by distance automatically takes photos or videos, then sends pictures or data by MMS, SMS and email via your GSM network anywhere in the world. The SG880MK-8M can also function as a standard trail and scouting camera and record to an internal memory card, or both GSM and memory card at the same time. Ultra low power consumption in standby mode provides over 90 days use on a single set of batteries.

Scout guard SG880MK-8M + 8GB


Scoutguard SG880MK-8M with digital LCD viewer includes high gain antennae +3dm stronger

Its a 2-in-1 trail camera, set up in a remote location to monitor a trail, a holiday home a build - have the pictures sent to you inbox or phone. Or set-up as a standard trail camera and record to a SD card for playback later.

8MP colour CMOS
GPRS/MMS/SMS/Email via GSM Network,
1.2s trigger time
34 infrared LEDs with 67 feet range, well balanced
1.7” Build-in color display and Wireless controller
Adjustable sensitivity
Video with sound recording: 640*480 AVI
32G SD card capacity
Laser Pointer
Daily report
Low power SMS Alert
USB and TV-out ports
Easy fixation with belt/cable
Ultra-low stand-by current
Water resistant
high gain antennae small

Includes a high gain antennae - the MMS/GPRS will work in remote forests and towns and cities!

Day photo: example 1;example 2



Setting up MMS on your trail camera.

O2 and Vodafone are the simplest networks to use. They will send a picture to your e-mail or phone, on the camera simply choose send by GSM (MMS). For a PAYG sim you can pick up any standard 2G/3G o2 sim from any store and it will work or for Vodafone order one free online (they arrive next day, choose standard size): (don't buy vodafone sims from a store some of the old sims dont work properly).

If you need to manual input the settings they are:
o2 PAYG:
[MMS Setting]

Vodafone PAYG
[MMS Setting] URL=

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