ScoutGuard Trail Camera

A Compact scouting camera in a camouflaged case that is only 5 ½ inches tall and about 3 ¼ inches wide. This cam is just two inches thick. Incorporated into the case design are strap slots and a deep grove across the face of the camera to allow the use of a Python cable for security. There is a small removable sliding door on the bottom of the cam that opens to the front of the camera so that once secured to the tree the card is slot is not secured. Inside the door is the 6 volt external battery jack, TV out jack, USB jack, remote control jack, on/off switch, SD card slot and the battery compartment. We include 8GB memory which is is enough from thousands of images and hundreds of videos. This cam requires 8 AA batteries to operate. Includes a LCD remote which will open up the menu and when menu is pressed you can toggle through the programming and as you select a change press the OK button to enter that change. The trigger time is 1.2 seconds which is very good. Power consumption is very low giving up to 3 months of use. There are 22 long range IR emitters and two status LEDs (power up flashing and low battery). A PIR lens which is the multi zone type. The camera lens, incorporates the normal mechanical filter for the IR operation of colour day and IR night pictures.

Scout guard SG550 + 8GB



Scoutguard SG550 with portable, full colour video/picture playback digital LCD viewer

SG550 with LCD viewer

Our package includes the LCD full colour remote control to playback your photos and video!


  • Adjustable 5 or 3 Mega Pixels, Color CMOS sensor, high quality picture or video
  • Auto LED IR-Cut-Remove
  • Compact size, well designed digital scouting camera (5-1/2 X 3-1/4 X 2 inches)
  • Ultra low stand-by power consumption ( < 0.3Ah/month), extremely durable and convenient with AA batteries (>100 days)
  • Quick trigger time ( <1.2s)
  • Sensor detection distance ~ 50+ feet
  • Lockable with mounting strap, nail/screw and cable lock
  • INCLUDES: camouflage camera, remote control/programmer LCD viewer, nylon strap, USB cable, video cable, instructions


Image Sensor: 5MP (SG550) Color CMOS sensor
Maximum Resolution: 2560x1920 (SG550)
Lens: F=3.1mm
FOV(Field of View)=45°
Auto IR-Cut-Remove (Night)
IR-Flash: 40Ft
Remote Control Display: LCD
Internal Memory: N/A
External Memory: SD-card from 8MB to 8GB
Picture Resolution: 5MP = 2560x1920, 3MP = 2048x1536
Video Resolution: 640x480 (Default, 16FPS), 320x240 (20FPS)
PIR Lens: Multi Zone
PIR sensitivity: Adjustable(High / Normal / Low)
IR Bulbs: 22 Long Range IR Emitters
Operation Time: Day/Night(24hours)
Trigger Time: 1.2s
Delay: 1s – 60m Programmable
Capture Mode: 1~3 Programmable
Video Length: 1-60s Programmable
Power Supply: 8xAA (Recommended), 4xAA (Emergency), 6V DC
Stand-by Current: < 0.3mA (<7mAh/Day)
Power Consumption: 150mA (+450mA When IR-LED Lighted)
Low Battery Alert: LED Indicator
User Interface: Remote Control With LCD Display
Ports & Jacks: Remote Control Jack, TV Out Jack, USB Jack, SD Card Slot, 6V DC Jack
Mounting: Strap, Cable Lock Up To Φ3/8 Inches
Dimensions: Heights: 5-1/2 inches, Width: 3-1/4 inches, Depth: 2 inches
Weight: Approximate 1 lb With Battery
Operation Temperature: -22F to 140F or -30 to 60°C
Storage Temperature: -22F to 158F or -30 to 70°C
Operation Humidity: 5% - 95%
Certification: FCC,CE

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