Ltl Acorn Ltl Acorn 5310WA with 940nm

This is the wide angle, 100º version of the ltl-acorn series (most other trail cameras are in the 60º range), with a wide strip of LEDs for wide angle night vision at a distance of up to 65 feet. featuring both VGA and 720p HD & 940NM invisible infrareds! With 12MP image quality and high definition H720p format video with audio, this is a great scouting/covert camera to add to your collection. The infrared night vision no glow LEDs work up to 65 feet. The 5310 series shoots sharp, bright colour pictures/videos in the daytime, and high quality black & white at night. We include 8GB memory which is is enough from thousands of images and hundreds of videos. Ideal for hunting use, observing natural events, and using as a motion-triggered security or time lapse camera!

Ltl Acorn 5310WA 940nm + 8GB


Extra LEDs, wide angle has a 4 x width of picture and extra battery pack, 8GB and tree mount all included in the kit.


The LCD is on the back of the camera and we include the additional battery pack and tree mount which also acts to protect the LCD.


Each photo can optionally be stamped with the date, time, temperature, moon status.


The main feature of the ltl-5310WA is the 100º wide angle lens. What this means is that images taken approximately 10 meters away will be 4 x times wider! so if you are in a confined wooded area or if you are in a small garden then this will allow the camera to capture a very wide view - note animals and scenery will be smaller than taken with a 60º trail camera, it may not suite


12M pixel high-quality resolution, 5 megapixel sensor, 12 megapixel extrapolated
Infrared night vision 940nm LEDs for flash range as far as 65 feet
“Cam + Video” mode enables camera to take both picture and video at every trigger event
Quick trigger time (0.6 second when using 2GB Card)
Lockable and password protected
For those who need a surveillance camera and night with great reach and videos in HD
Invisible light
3 motion sensors
Colour display included included
Photos: 12 megapixels of resolution
Video: HD 720p
Video Recording and Photo
Day Range: 20 mts
Night Range: 20 mts.
Autonomy up to 6 months
Watertight chamber

Ltl-5310A wildlife trail camera instruction booklet: coming soon

Day photo: example 1; example 2; example 3
Night photo: example 1
Example video (right click, save as)
Kit includes:5310WA 940nm Camera in camouflage /TV AV IN cable/USB cable/Belt/Manual/Guarantee card/LCD protector/extra battery pack and tree mount and 8GB SD

Full specification:

Full specification: 5 Megapixels Color CMOS
Memory F=3.1mm, FOV=55°, Auto IR-Cut,Wide 100°
Pixel Size 2560x1920
IR Flash 65feet/20meters
LCD Screen 48x35.69mm(2.36”); 480(RGB)x234DOT; 16.7M color
Picture Size 5MP/12MP=2560x1920/4000x3000
Picture Size 5MP = 2560x1920 (sensor) & 12MP 4000x3000 (interpolated)
Video Size 640x480(30fps); 1920x720(20fps)
PIR Sensor sight angle 100 degrees, each lens covers 10 degrees
PIR Sensitivity PIR with 3 sensitivity levels: High/Normal/Low
Trigger time 0.6 second(when using the 2G SD card)
Triggering interval 1 second ~ 60mins Programmable
Operation Mode Day/Night
Operation Temperature -30 - +70°C/-22 - +158°F
Shooting Numbers 1~3
Camera + Video First take picture and then take video
Playback Zoom in 1 ~ 16 times
Timer On/Off time lapse programmable
Password 4 Protection Numbers
Device Serial No. 4 digits and 26 alphabets set by yourself
Periodic Shot 1Second ~ 24Hours
Power Supply 4xAA battery; expandable to 8xAA
Stand-by Current 0.4mA
Power Consumption 150mA(+650mA when IR LED lights up)
Low Battery Alert 4.2~4.3V
Interface TV out(NTSC); USB; SD Card Slot; 6V DC External
Mounting Belt, Tripod Nail
Water Proof IP54
Certificate FCC, CE, RoHS

Optional accessories for the Ltl-Acorn 5310 series:

ltl_sun_ small

Ltl - SUN solar charger - This neat little solar panel consists of a solar cell with a 1500mAH battery built in. When the sun shines on the panel the battery will charge up. Connected to the ltl-acorn 5210A series the ltl-acorn will use this external power supply as its first source of power and only then use its own battery cells. Tests have shown the ltl-acorn can last in the field for over 1 year using this technology.

Built-in 1500mAH lithium polymer battery and solar panel. Solar panel power:0.4w Output volt is 7v ,800ma Built-in lithium polymer battery:1500MAH Input volt is 5V 500MA.

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