Indoor Stealth Camera All-In-1 DVR Recorder

The ALC-DVR32NV is a stealth camera system inside a conventional table top alarm clock.

Using Secumate interface, invisible night vision, high quality video, motion detection or continuous record Permanently plug into your wall socket and then you never need to worry about changing batteries or turning on/off. This is the latest 2011 version with non glow invisible night vision!, the only professional hidden camera to have this feature.



hidden_clock_stealth_camera_200x200 hidden_clock_stealth_camera
Records to an SD card, discreetly inserted in the base of the DVR. Up to 32GB can be used, 4GB is included with the kit. The camera is hidden inside the clock, its a pinhole lens so very small.


  • Completely Covert Hidden Radio Clock DVR Camera Design
  • Capture hidden camera footage
  • Fully functional radio and clock radio
  • Motion-activated recording captures all the action
  • High resolution 480TVL colour CCD camera for clear video
  • "No glow" totally invisible IR illuminators for recording in total darkness up to 10m
  • Invisible SD card slot for total convert
  • No additional software needed to view videos on your PC
  • Remote controller for "one touch" video recording
  • Full Function Overwrite
  • RCA Cable Lets You Connect To Any TV Or Monitor To View Footage
  • Removable SD Card Stores Up To 32 GB Of Video, For Days Of Recording
  • 4 Adjustable Stand to compensate for uneven surfaces.
  • 2 Band AM/FM Radio Dual Alarm Clock.
  • Time Projection Display.
  • Mirror Projection Display Extra Large.
  • 9 LED Display

Uses For The Cube Clock Camera

  • As A Nanny Camera
  • To Protect Your Home Or Office
  • For Private Investigators
  • Catch A Cheating Spouse
  • Keep An Eye On Your Kids When You're Not Around


  • 640X480 high resolution recording
  • Recording frame rate adjustable
  • Record and playback max 30fps(NTSC)
  • Time/Date stamp on actual video recorded
  • Schedule for recording
  • Motion detection sensitivity and 150 grids for user
  • Application in menu
  • Support SD card capacity up to 32GB
  • Playback function with composite A/V out

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