Brinno BBC

The Brinno Bike camera is powered by Brinno proprietary “Instant video” which means you can play the time lapse video on the spot once done the photo has been taken. No Giga bytes fat files transfer, video editing or even post processing. The most effortless way of recording any Bike, Car or other journey. The kit includes a dust and weatherproof housing a TLC200 f1.2 camera, wide angle view, low light recording and power saving technology for up to 2.5 months recording before you need to replace the batteries.

Brinno Bike Camera (BBC)


Bike Camera

The Brinno BBC100 kit consists of the latest TLC200F1.2 camera, the outdoor weatherproof housing ATH110 and a camera mount. The 140 degree field of view allows you to capture more of the panoramic beauty of nature and a greater breadth of the bustling cityscape.


Brinno Bike Camera BBC100 example construction


Instruction booklet: Quick PDF guide for Brinno BCC100

Example Videos:
Brinno BCC100 Kit includes: TLC200 f1.2, ATH110 weatherproof housing, AWM100 camera wall mount, rubber strap and 4GB memory card and batteries - everything you need.
Full specification of the Brinno BCC100 BCC100

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